Food Analyst (FA)

ROLE OF FOOD ANALYST AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Personnel are the heart of every laboratory. They have to be reliable, precise, and motivated. An ISO 17025:2017 … Read more

Food Laboratories

Section 43: Recognition and accreditation of laboratories, research institutions and referral food laboratory Section 43 (1) of FSSAI, 2006, provides that the Food Authority may … Read more

Food Safety Ecosystem

WHAT IS FOOD SAFETY ECOSYSTEM? Ecosystem includes all the living and non-living things in a given area, interacting and influencing each other and determining the … Read more

Food Safety Officer (FSO)

Section 37: Food Safety Officer As per Section 37, Commissioner of Food Safety appoints Food Safety Officers for such local areas as the Commissioner may … Read more

Food Safety Surveillance

FOOD SAFETY SURVEILLANCE The food safety surveillance is done with this objective so as to determine whether a food safety hazard exists, assess the nature … Read more